Enabling Traffic Jam Assist for the BMW i3

The following is a list of notes I took for blog post on how to enable TJA on a BMW i3. If or when I get the time, I will try to turn them into a real tutorial. In the mean time the following is offered without any warrantee or guarantee. Your mileage may vary.

  1. Download and install version 3.27.1 of eSys from https://mega.nz/#!4ZNlEaRZ!Gt4JF77lb3a4goFh1nwBtg7DsP6TETgmkY-QLrh1Wcw
  2. Download Psdzdata Lite using the “Download as a Zip” option at https://mega.nz/#F!HxZTzKDZ!VaLLlOgzuZ6kr-UoTTrl4g
  3. Unzip the file that you just downloaded.
  4. Use File Explorer to navigate to the psdzdata folder in the unzipped files. Select the psdzdata folder then click “Copy” in the ribbon bar (or press Ctrl-C).
  5. The eSys installation created a folder called c:\data. Navigate to c:\ in File Explorer and click “Paste” in the ribbon bar (or press Ctrl-V).
  6. Purchase a license for eSysx (http://esysx.com/). Install and activate eSysx. I had a few issues installing and activating eSysx. First of all, the installer displayed an error message when trying to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributables. I verified that the redistributables were already installed on my computer then clicked “Yes” to the option to continue the installation. The second issue I had was that the ispiHostAdmin app didn’t display when I ran it. It turns out that it installs as an icon in your System Tray. Click the icon then the program will display.
  7. Once Activated, click the “EsysX Options” icon. Make sure the path to eSys is correct.
  8. Click “Create Custom Est.”
  9. Enter a Name and Pin then click “Create.”
  10. Enter a password for the token, check “Enable FDL Cheat Codes” and click “Apply.”
  11. Follow the prompts to save the token file in the eSys folder. Then answer “Yes” when asked if you wish to use it.
  12. Install the Quidzel doohickey as illustrated in the video. After removing the screw (my car required a 3mm hex wrench), popping out the front panel is a bit more difficult than it appears in the video. Pull the panel forward jut a bit then pull it to the right – away from the steering wheel. Once it pulls free, you won’t be able to lift it very far from the opening. Reach in the side and disconnect the three-pin plug and then you’ll be able to pull the panel free. Hook the Quidzel unit up to the three pin plug and plug the three-pin plug into the Quidzel. Stow the Quizdel thingy in the space on the left in the opening then reattach the panel.
  13. eSys – Connect = Target = I001 lqst one not direct
    Expert Mode -> Coding
    Click “Read”

2 thoughts on “Enabling Traffic Jam Assist for the BMW i3”

    1. Apologies. I never finished that post and it has been so long that I am not sure I still have my notes.

      BTW, I was not at all impressed by Traffic Jam Assist. It didn’t work very well. The main problem was that it cut out at every intersection.

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