Repair a Broken Charge Port Cover Strap

The rubber strap holding one of the charge port covers on my BMW i3 broke yesterday as I was plugging in the charger.


My first thought was to use some heat shrink tubing to repair the strap. If anything, the heat shrink wrap looks like the rubber strap.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea…

But, when I applied heat to shrink the tubing it caused the rubber strap to weaken and break again.

So, I realized that I needed something that would hold up better in the Florida heat.

I just happened to have some Kevlar string on my workbench. So, I cut about a ten-inch length of the string and used it to attach the cap.


Note: It isn’t obvious, but there is a slot in the charge caps that allows them to hang on the door’s tab. You can even stack the covers when using a CSS cable.

Cap Storage
Stacked Caps

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