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Flo and Eddie
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Flo and Eddie and Harry

The Turtles The Turtles was one of the first groups to record songs written by Harry Nilsson. Harry's "Battle Of The Bands" appears on the Turtles's album of the same name. The 1968 album also contains Harry's "The Story Of Rock And Roll." Harry plays piano on the tracks.

When the original Turtles dissolved in 1970, the band's core members, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan, discovered that due to contractual restrictions they were prevented from using the name "The Turtles" as well as their own names in any musical context. So they became "The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie" - later shortened to "Flo and Eddie".

Mark and Howard remained friends of Harry's. And, in 1992, Harry appeared as a guest on Flo and Eddie's radio program. Click here to listen to a Real Audio version of the show presented with the kind permission of Flo and Eddie.

Flo and Eddie on Stage